PEG Writing Scholar is now available through the Blackboard Partner Cloud building block for Blackboard Learn. Administered through Blackboard, PEG Writing Scholar enables students to:

  • practice various types of writing via online prompts and receive instant feedback on any essay they submit.
  • access a library of tutorials designed to improve development, organization, language/style, conventions and grammar.
  • incorporate automatic feedback and suggestions from instructors into revisions of any assignment.

Grades are synced between PEG Writing Scholar and Blackboard, so instructors will be notified instantly when a student completes an essay and will have immediate access to that students’ score report. Instructors can review and expand upon the feedback from PEG Writing Scholar by providing specific suggestions in content accuracy and textual evidence. The writing process is individualized, as students can work on specific tasks assigned to them by their instructors or choose from assignments that are pre-loaded into the system for general practice.

PEG Writing Scholar ensures that students are prepared for all types of academic and professional writing. Contact us to learn more about how to use PEG Writing Scholar with Blackboard.