PEG Writing Scholar: About Us

Improving Writing For All Adult Learners


Good writing is an essential skill for school and work. If you need more help with writing, PEG Writing Scholar is a good place to start.


PEG Writing Scholar allows writers to take ownership of their writing development process by practicing in a low-stakes, engaging environment and receiving immediate feedback on their efforts.


  • Interactive lessons, engaging prompts, and reliable rubrics guide writing practice, helping students and other adult learners excel, and helping instructors keep students engaged and on track.
  • A clean, intuitive interface and powerful yet easy-to-use scoring and reporting capabilities make improving skills and monitoring progress a simple task.
  • Students can engage in peer review to solicit feedback from their fellow classmates, providing greater insight into ways to improve their writing.
  • Immediate feedback displays as soon as an essay is submitted, providing guidance on improving writing performance, suggestions for interactive lessons, and umlimited opportunities to revise their writing.
  • Differentiated essay scoring lets instructors set custom scoring levels for individual students within the same class.
  • Instructor-recommended prompts make differentiating assignments an easy task.
  • Automated constructed response scoring for short format responses makes using PEG Writing Scholar across curricula more effective and gives instructors the ability to quickly check understanding of concepts.
  • Essay formatting allows students to prepare final drafts for publication.

PEG Writing Scholar is one of several MI writing sites powered by PEG® (Project Essay Grade®), an automated scoring technology originally developed by Dr. Ellis Batten Page and purchased by Measurement Incorporated in 2002. 

About Measurement Incorporated

Measurement Incorporated® (MI) is a full-service educational company that provides achievement tests and scoring services for state governments, other testing companies, and various organizations. Since its founding, MI has earned and continues to uphold its reputation as the industry leader in providing professional handscoring services for essays and open-ended exams. MI was established in 1980 by Dr. Henry Scherich in Durham, North Carolina.